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Damar and Plastechnobud are family companies, where we focus mainly on people. Our team consist of designers, specialists working in production and a qualified advisers who takes care of our domestic and foreign customers. Good words and the satisfaction of our customers are the best confirmation for us that the vision that has guided us from the beginning turned out to be right.

For many years we supply to our clients interior finishing products, still with the same engagement, taking care of the highest quality and expert advice in choosing the right solutions. From the design stage, through production to the sales service and after-sales service, we take care of every detail to ensure our customers full satisfaction from the choice of our company. From year to year, we expand our product portfolio, using the latest design trends and modern production technologies.

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Stara Wieś, ul. Działkowa 7
43-330 Wilamowice
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[email protected]
tel. | fax: +48 33 845 72 08
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